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About Property Totaal

Real estate partner in property and project management

About Property Totaal

Real estate partner in property and project management

About Property Totaal

We are a real estate partner specialising in property and project management. Our mission is to use our passion for project management and property management to deliver high-quality services to our clients. Property Totaal was founded in November 2017 and is represented by Sander Roos, who has years of experience as a Technical Manager and Project Manager at various organisations.

Our services

At Property Totaal, we believe that personal contact and focus on core issues lead to better quality and satisfied clients. We specialize in unburdening our clients in project management and property management. Besides performing regular daily and periodic management tasks, initiating, supervising and delivering conversions, major maintenance and renovations are also part of our competences. Coordinating and monitoring corrective and planned maintenance are part of our daily and periodic management tasks. Our management tasks also include drawing up multi-year maintenance budgets, central purchasing and concluding framework agreements in both technical and facility areas.

Eye for the client

At Property Totaal, we are good at assessing what a client/landlord needs. We think along in a project, not only technically, but also financially and commercially. In addition, we value short lines of communication, honouring agreements and full transparency. We often hear from clients that they find Property Totaal a pleasant and honest partner, one that stands out in this field because it works adequately, clearly and problem-solving. Organisations can rely on us and are taken care of.

Why Property Totaal?

After working for an employer for many years, Sander Roos discovered that in organisations, a lot of time is lost on processes. He noticed that the real work, project management and property management, becomes secondary and its level deteriorates. Property Totaal was established to offer our clients an enhanced personal approach and focus on the core aspects that really matter. Through our experience and expertise, we are able to make large complex issues manageable and ensure a stable future for our clients.

At Property Totaal, we are committed to providing quality and unburdening our clients. Our mission is to continue to grow and provide high-quality project management and property management services. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients and customers.

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Property Totaal - Sander Roos

"Since 1998, I have gained a lot of experience in various fields as a Technical and Project Manager. This both with the owner as well as as as a manager on behalf of external owners."


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