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Advice and inspections

We carry out inspections and advise you on various issues. Among other things, we do this on fire safety or your office space. 


Property Totaal provides fire safety advice and inspections for various clients. During new construction or refurbishment, you need to meet the requirements of the Building Code to ensure the safety of occupants, users and the environment. Property Totaal offers a Quikscan, in which we include: 

  • Retrieve legal level (permit)
  • Assessing the situation on site, from a structural, organisational and installation point of view
  • Recording the defects in a report
  • Advice follow-up process


If required, we can later carry out a full on-site survey, including drawing up drawings with layouts, preparing specifications for executing parties and adjusting/submitting an environmental permit if necessary. After this process, we can also take care of the tendering, project supervision and completion for you.


Property Totaal carries out NEN2767 inspections with a regular partner.

It is essential to carry out valuable property inspections to an established standard. For numerous properties, assessments are done by different inspectors, which can lead to inconsistency. Each inspector has his own interpretation of the quality of an inspected item. Moreover, each property, including its context and previous history, is unique.

NEN 2767 offers a solution through a standardised inspection method, where maintenance levels are set in advance and costs are linked to returns. The NEN2767 inspection report can be linked to a multi-year maintenance budget, giving you insight into the expected investments for the coming years.

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Tenant advice

When you rent office space, as a tenant you have certain obligations regarding maintenance. These obligations are set out in the tenancy agreement, with the general provisions applicable as an annex.

The landlord also has obligations, with major maintenance work usually the landlord's responsibility, while minor maintenance is often the tenant's responsibility.

Property Totaal offers support and advice to tenants on various issues and can act as the point of contact on behalf of the tenant towards the landlord.

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