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Property Management

We manage and maintain properties for property managers, tenants and owners. This includes tasks such as maintenance planning, procurement and coordination of services, cost monitoring, reporting and communication with tenants and contractors.

monitoring of corrective and planned maintenance

Property Totaal initiates and monitors all necessary corrective and planned maintenance tasks for the property under your management to ensure the safety, technical maintenance condition and value of your property. Conducting regular inspections of your property is the basis for identifying problems and potential defects. Property Totaal deals with all aspects of management and maintenance, according to the highest standards and quality norms.

Procurement of (installation) technical services

Property Totaal negotiates with suppliers of technical services to ensure the best quality and price for your property. Property Totaal has built up a large network of suppliers of technical services. From installation and repair to regular maintenance, Property Totaal takes care of the entire procurement process, including selecting suppliers, negotiating contracts and managing the relationship between you and the suppliers.

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Preparation of multiannual maintenance budgets (MJOB)

Property Totaal prepares an MJOB that provides insight into the costs and timing of future maintenance and renovation projects, ensuring a clear and thorough plan for the long term. An MJOB is an important tool for planning maintenance costs, allowing you, the owner or manager, to allocate the right budgets and carry out maintenance on time. Property Totaal takes into account the lifespan of installations and materials, maintenance costs and risks when preparing the MJOB.

Monitoring service costs

Property Totaal monitors and manages all property service costs, including energy costs, cleaning costs, security costs and more to ensure you always have the right cost-benefit ratio. Property Totaal has extensive knowledge and experience in managing service costs. We monitor costs and negotiate with suppliers to keep costs as low as possible, without compromising service quality.

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Inspections & reports

Property Totaal carries out regular inspections on properties to check their condition and identify and resolve any problems. Detailed reports are produced so that you are always aware of the status of properties under your management.

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